Social Responsability


VENTIA CAPITAL is driven by a commitment to competitiveness and people’s future as well as the future of their professional associations, whether they are employees, collaborators, suppliers or promoters.

We see corporate responsibility as a joint effort with our staff, and view their participation as essential for the project’s success. Our organisation provides the means, facilities, ideas, platforms and budget. Our professionals also provide their ideas, time, experience and resources.

The VENTIA CAPITAL Board of Directors is committed to creating social, economic and environmental value in all our activities.

Code of conduct

In general terms, our own actions must always demonstrate integrity and respect for others, whether we are dealing with collaborators, suppliers or customers. This will ensure we encourage collaboration and teamwork and will create endless possibilities for all the professionals involved in our work to grow.

We work proactively to develop while managing risks, maximising the quality of the services we provide, respecting our customer’s privacy and maintaining high ethical and professional standards.

We comply with applicable regulations through the systems, tools and standards which our company provides to its employees.

We effectively manage information relating to our customers in all formats, applying the precautionary principle to ensure confidentiality.

VENTIA CAPITAL fully complies with the provisions of Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights.

In their relationships with customers, all employees must act with consideration, respect and dignity, bearing in mind each person’s different cultural sensitivities and acting in accordance with the law to prevent discrimination based on race, religion, age, nationality, gender or any other personal or social condition, with special consideration given to those with disabilities or handicaps.

We do not employ anyone under the age of 18. No employee at VENTIA CAPITAL will be subject to discrimination based on race, physical disability, illness, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion, age, nationality or gender.

We forbid all forms of harassment or physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse towards our employees and colleagues, as well as any other conduct that generates an intimidating, offensive or hostile work environment.

Weekly working hours and overtime will not exceed the limits set by Spanish legislation. Overtime hours will always be voluntary and will be paid in accordance with the law.

We compete in the market in a fair and proper manner and do not indulge in misleading, fraudulent or malicious conduct.

Searches for commercial or market information by our employees will always be conducted without infringing regulations to protect said information. Employees will reject information on competitors obtained by unlawful means or that may violate the confidentiality of the legitimate owners of the information. In particular, special care will be taken to prevent breaching trade secrets when VENTIA CAPITAL hires professionals from other companies in the sector.

Company employees will also refrain from spreading malicious or false information about competitors.

The team at VENTIA CAPITAL will interact with goods and service suppliers in a lawful, ethical and respectful way. Suppliers will be chosen using criteria for objectivity and transparency, reconciling the company’s interest in obtaining the best conditions, with the aim of maintaining stable relationships with ethical and responsible suppliers.

All decisions taken in this respect will be justifiable and verifiable in the event of review. Staff at VENTIA CAPITAL are obliged to protect commercially sensitive information relating to the conditions established by the company with its suppliers.

Our employees will not solicit or accept information from suppliers relating to conditions agreed with other companies who are competitors of VENTIA CAPITAL.

No employee will offer, grant, solicit or accept, directly or indirectly, gifts, favours or compensation, in cash or in kind, that may influence the decision-making process relating to suppliers. Any gift or compensation offered by suppliers must be immediately communicated to a company manager.

With the aim of guaranteeing compliance with this Code of Conduct, an ethics manager has been appointed, who will report directly to the VENTIA CAPTIAL Board of Directors:

Isa Saez


We are fully aware of the problems arising from climate change and each of us assumes responsibility for developing our business in a sustainable manner. We want to help improve the quality of life of the people working in our organisation without compromising the quality of life of future generations. To this end, we intelligently manage our energy resources, we promote the use of environmentally friendly reusable materials and we use resources responsibly. We provide our staff with efficient technology and we maintain and update it regularly. We keep staff informed about best practices for materials and energy consumption, especially electricity, and we ensure that all products used in our facilities are correctly recycled.

Furthermore, VENTIA CAPITAL adopts all applicable International Labour Organisation (ILO) recommendations regarding environmental sustainability and employment.

Occupational risk prevention

VENTIA CAPITAL fully complies with the regulations regarding occupational risk prevention detailed in the Guide to Employment produced by the Spanish Ministry of Employment. Evaluating and avoiding all risks in our employees’ work, adapting the work to the person, especially regarding how different job descriptions are created, as well as the choice of equipment and work and production methods, with special attention paid to monotonous and repetitive work and reducing the effects of this type of work on health.

We take technical progress into account, we consider risk prevention, and we strive for a coherent approach that includes technology, work organisation, working conditions, social relations and the influence of environmental factors on work.

We adopt measures that put collective protection above individual protection, and we give the appropriate instructions to employees regarding health and safety standards and ergonomics for their professional activity.

All employees are responsible for fully complying with health and safety regulations at work and for safeguarding their own safety and that of the people affected by their activities.

We forbid the consumption of substances that may affect correct compliance with employees’ professional obligations.